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The polycarbonate (PC) resin used in Quanfu PC solid sheet is one of the most widely used engineering plastics in the world, with excellent mechanical, optical, electrical and thermal properties. Quanfu polycarbonate (PC) solid board has many excellent properties such as light weight, high strength, high permeability, flame retardant, good stability, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, sound insulation and heat insulation, and convenient molding.
The general-purpose hollow sheet is an engineering plastic with good comprehensive performance. The outstanding physical, mechanical, electrical and thermal properties make it an ideal lighting material at present. The twin-wall rectangular hollow sheet has the characteristics of light weight, high strength and good thermal insulation performance. It is often used for ordinary building skylights due to the excellent light transmittance, convenient installation and easy processing, such as factory roofing, greenhouses, tunnel parking sheds, etc.
Quanfu Plug-pattern sheet is a flat polycarbonate hollow board with a multi-layer structure design to meet the strength requirements of building facade installation. On the side of each sheet, the self-locking style of concave-convex buckles is used for splicing, and the appearance is beautiful; a certain space is reserved at the bottom of the concave-convex buckle, and T-shaped aluminum fasteners are inserted. Fasteners are fixed to the bottom steel structure, which is convenient for installation...
Quanfu double hook hollow U-shaped lock building lighting system is a replacement product developed by Quanfu’s technical team. The whole system adopts freely sliding fixed parts, which fundamentally solves the problem of ordinary polycarbonate flat panels.
Acrylic is also called plexiglass or acrylic, which is the Chinese transliteration of English Acrylic. The chemical name is polymethyl methacrylate, namely Polymeric Methyl Methacrylate (PMMA) sheet, which is polymerized by "Methyl Methacrylate (MMA)".
PC hollow sheet, PC solid sheet daylighting engineering installation accessories, the main function is to solve common problems in the connection, fastening, edge closing, anti-seepage, etc. of the sheet and frame during the construction and installation of PC hollow sheet and PC solid sheet daylighting engineering.
With the continuous maturity and development of the LED lighting market, while pursuing the high luminous efficiency of lamps, more and more attention is paid to how to control the glare generated by lamps and achieve visual comfort, which requires LED lighting manufacturers to eliminate glare, relieve people's visual fatigue, and improve visual comfort in the secondary optical design of their products.

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